I had a Reiki appointment with Nancy on 2/7/15. Having never experienced Reike before I did not know what to expect.

Nancy’s Reiki room is centrally located on Berkmar Drive (Charlottesville). Her therapy room is clean and tranquil. Even the therapy bed is heated! Before starting Nancy gave an overview of a Reike appointment, so that I would know what to expect.

At the start of the appointment my breathing was very shallow, within minutes my breathing was very deep and in control. As the appointment progressed I continued to relax and unwind.

In the past few years I have taken muscle relaxers and undergone extensive physical therapy for my neck. After my Reike appointment with Nancy, I could roll my neck with no pain. I can’t remember the last time I could do this. Also, prior to my appointment with Nancy, I had sharp pains shooting through y upper left arm into my neck. After my appointment, I could raise my left arm without the shooting pain.

THANKS NANCY!!E.F., Charlottesville, Va.

My first Reiki experience started in a quiet semi-darkened room, relaxing soft music playing, and Young Living essential oil diffusing. I had a soft pillow under my head and a cozy blanket just in case I got cold. I believe it helps to be receptive to new adventures and have a positive intention to reap the full rewards of this very gifted Reiki Master who worked in my energy field.

First, my body was surveyed for MY energy. Starting on my head, as I have familiar Essential Tremors I could immediately feel the warm powerful energy in her hands. A great deal of time was spent cupping the occipital area of my head in an effort to balance energy in my head. I also had experienced some “fullness” in my ears and she cupped her hands around my ears and I felt my Eustachian tubes open. My nasal passages had been swollen and she placed her hands over my sinus cavities.

As her hands rested in that place I felt my nasal passages relax and I was able to breathe easier through my nose. She methodically worked from the crown of my head to the tips of my toes. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep and was informed I started to snore. My ongoing trouble “spots” are my spine, (a slight curvature), right knee without cartilage, and slightly tipped pelvis.

After balancing energy down my torso and lower limbs I turned over onto my stomach and she balanced the energy of my spine. When I completed my session a colleague stated she immediately noticed no head tremors and my posture had greatly improved. I feel God has gifted this Reiki Master and I will continue to get weekly balancing sessions.GT, Charlottesville, Virginia

For years I’ve been plagued with injuries and riddled with pain from those injuries, including two broken discs in my spine, a serious issue with my left eye, damage to my liver and kidneys as well as a very painful shoulder injury that occurred from a fall. I have always been extremely sensitive to energy and over the years I have had many practitioners work on me. However, Nancy Z. and Lindsey worked in tandem on me without knowledge of any of my injuries or other health issues and they found them all!

I have never had a treatment like the Tandem Reiki or the result that came with it. The pain in my shoulder, which was so annoying I had been unable to sleep that side on for months, stopped hurting enough that I can now sleep on that side once again and the same can be said for the discs in my back. The visible difference in my posture after one treatment was remarkable. My liver, which lives in an inflamed state was normal the day after the treatment and while that affect didn’t hold, it was still a relief for the period of time that it was not reminding me that it was there. Energetically I left the treatment feeling rested, peaceful and I had a sense of well-being that I normally do not carry around with me in my everyday life. I highly recommend this unique experience and the positive physical and emotional effects that linger well after the treatment.R.W., Charlottesville, Virginia

Over several prior years I have benefited greatly from hands on sessions with Nancy Zamil. Due to relocation, the experience altered to a distance session.

I have no idea how the energy is transferred, but each time Nancy works remotely on my damaged ankle and knees, tingling and release is in play.

In addition, during the sessions Nancy is aware of my sinus congestion issues and lower back complications due to an altered walking gate.

Nancy’s knowledge base and energy is a gift that translates. I am grateful for her talents and her willingness to sharePAS, Vienna, Virginia (RETIRED)

I have had the pleasure to experience of both in person and remote Reiki treatments.

If possible, I recommend the in person treatment as this allows both persons a bonding experience and opportunity to feel the results almost immediately while allowing each to offer feedback during the treatment. The relief in “body, mind and spirit” was almost instant as the discomfort was gone and a peace coursed through my entire body.

Recently, I had an accident which resulted in a broken ankle which required surgery, pin and clamp to piece bone together. i live out of state so Nancy performed a series of remote Reiki treatments. After each remote treatment, I felt a healing in my foot, ankle and leg continuing up my body and returning to the source of my discomfort.

Each remote session provided “body, mind and spirit” healing within 15-30 minutes. As with the physical treatment, a peaceful feeling inhabited my entire body.

This is a wholehearted recommendation for the services of Nancy Zamil, a Master Reiki PractionerJG, Memphis, Tn

I have been a working as a health care provider for more than 40 years. The habit of over-responsibility can be painful. Those of us in nursing and medicine are often careless of our own well-being. I’ve had the good fortune to have two Reiki practitioners, master Nancy Zamil and student Lindsay Davis, work on me in tandem. It was a remarkably healing experience. I could feel the angst and the darkness lifting as they surrounded me (literally) with wholesome energy. By the end of the hour, I felt renewed and hopeful again. I would recommend this experience to anyone with sinking spirit, whatever the reason. J.H., Charlottesville, Virginia

Tandem Reiki is an enhancement, like having Doublemint gum….double your pleasure, double your fun! My experience with Tandem Reiki was maximized, feeling twice the energy from the Reiki masters, a quicker release of my stress, a deeper relaxation, and a greater sense of balance.G.T., Keswick, Virginia

I have met with Nancy for Reiki sessions in her home and by remote. She accurately described energy patterns in my body that have been altered due to a chronic illness. Nancy takes her time and concentrates on all energy fields of the body, noticing where energy is being displaced and carefully works to shift the energy into a more efficient pattern. The sessions are comfortable and relaxing and Nancy gives you her full attention with a description of her findings at the end.R.W., Charlottesville, Virginia

I tell all my friends that Reiki with Nancy keeps me on my feet. Nancy does remote Reiki for me because I live in Delaware. I have had a number of falls and had lots of trouble with both hips. After a treatment by Nancy, I feel energized and have reduced pain in my hips. She is my miracle worker!A.S. Milton, Delaware (RETIRED)