Reiki Master Sessions and Treatments

We offer a full line of Reiki Treatments for our clients. All sessions and treatments are performed and supervised by experienced, certified Reiki Masters.

All appointments are handled in a professional manner and we respect all faiths and belief systems. This alternative treatment is performed in a non-threatening and soothing manner.

We request that all clients complete a health history questionnaire, sign a consent to treat and a confidentiality form.

We strongly recommend an increase in water and fluid intake after the treatment.

Call us at (434-981-7695) for an appointment.

In-studio One Reiki Master Session

Our session follows this process:

  • The client is greeted and paperwork is completed. Reiki Master reviews plan of treatment with client.
  • The client lays fully clothed on a massage table with shoes off.
  • The Reiki Master places her hands over the body to scan the body for any energy imbalances.
  • Hands are then placed on or above the body, head to the feet, to balance the energy.
  • The client turns over and lays face-down on the massage table with the hands of the Reiki Master balancing the energy from the back of the head to the feet.
  • The Reiki Master places hands on the soles of the feet to seal in the treatment.
  • The Reiki Master re-scans the body with her hands to confirm the healing.
  • The client and Reiki Master then review the treatment.

**Plan ninety (90) minutes for the complete appointment.**

Reiki Tandem Treatment

  • The tandem treatments process is the same for a one Reiki Master treatment.
  • Two Reiki Masters work together to focus the healing energy.
  • Advantage! The Reiki healing energy is doubled.
  • Less time is needed for treatment which is an excellent alternative for clients with busy schedules!
  • Tandem treatment lasts approximately one hour. Plan for 75 minutes.

Reiki Remote Treatments

  • A treatment can be sent to you in your home or place of your choosing.
  • Nancy will review the paperwork over the phone.
  • The treatment will be completed.
  • A return call will be made after the treatment is completed for questions and discussion.
  • The treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes. Plan for 45 minutes.

Reiki In-Home Treatment

  • Reiki with Nancy is available to travel to your home.
  • The treatment follows the same pattern as the in studio treatment, only in the home.
  • Plan for 105 minutes for set up, treatment and discussion.


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